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“Who Buries the Dead” by C.S. Harris / Reviewed by Cole Meador


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CS Harris  Credit: Samantha Lufti-Proctor
CS Harris
Credit: Samantha Lufti-Proctor

The noble and dashing Sebastian St. Cyr is back and ready for harrowing, edge-of-your-seat action in this brand new novel by acclaimed author C.S. Harris! A wonderful hybrid of Gothic mystery and modern thriller, this is the kind of book that will make you glance over your shoulder at night, even though it isn’t 1813 anymore. Hunker down under a blanket and prepare yourself for some secrets.

Following ex-soldier turned nobleman/detective Sebastian St. Cyr, the plot winds its way through early 19th century England, creeping down fog-filled back alleys, dark hallways, and grand, extravagant mansions. On the hunt for a mysterious killer who has a penchant for decapitated heads, Sebastian runs afoul of many memorable characters as he works alongside his strong, beautiful, and quick-witted wife, Hero. What seems like a gruesome murder soon reveals itself to be an act that has ties close to Sebastian’s own family. Make sure to block out several hours of your time because this novel will be glued to your hands!

This chilling and wonderfully crafted book kept me turning pages late into the night, burning the candlewick, (yes, I still use candles), down to the very end. Harris obviously spent a lot of her time researching to craft a believable and absolutely lovely piece of work. Built for anyone who loves their mysteries with a touch of realistic history and plenty of stomach-turning twists, “Who Buries the Dead: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery” is a surefire contender for my favorite thriller of the year.

Cole Meador is a full-time student pursuing a B.A. in Creative Writing. When he isn’t writing poems or short stories, he spends his time frequenting Nashville coffee shops, planning his next road trip, and attending any and all concerts he can. Cole aspires to work in the music industry, while continuing to pursue his passionate love for the written word.

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