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Belinda Bauer
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The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer
Reviewed by M. K. Sealy

The Shut Eye (Grove Atlantic), the latest from CWA Gold Dagger winner Belinda Bauer, had me on the edge of my seat from page one. Not only does The Shut Eye have engaging characters and a plot that immediately reeled me in, but it also boasts well-written dialogue and description. I found myself becoming greedy for each chapter, stealing moments to read whenever I could. With some of the best descriptive work I have seen in a long time, each page breathes new life into the last, bringing the characters, settings, and plot to life and to the forefront of the reader’s mind—you’ll still be thinking about The Shut Eye long after you’ve finished reading it.

Bauer’s newest novel follows the fascinating, albeit heartrending, desperate acts of a mother searching for her missing son. This novel explores the question, When all other options are gone, what can Anna Buck do to find out what happened to her son?, and offers an answer that most would consider unorthodox: consult a psychic. Though all logic points in the opposite direction, and though it would be easier to believe that the “shut eye” is a phony, Anna is forced to face uncomfortable and undeniable truths.

Belinda Bauer is a crime fiction force to be reckoned with. The Shut Eye, with its fast pace, well-developed characters, and amazingly crafted dialogue and description, offers readers an escape from reality, through a suspense-filled story that will have them soon devouring Bauer’s other works as well.

M. K. Sealy earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in literature from a Nashville university. She is a copyeditor for a Nashville-based publication, but also writes poetry, fiction, and is currently attempting a screenplay, all while working to obtain a Master of Education.

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