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“The Pocket Wife” by Susan Crawford / Reviewed by Maria Giordano

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Susan Crawford
Susan Crawford

Author Susan Crawford’s debut novel “The Pocket Wife” brings up the kind of internal conflict that nearly everyone goes through, except in this case, murder is the catalyst, and sanity is on the line.

Set in the tony town of Patterson, New Jersey, “The Pocket Wife” is the story of Dana Cantrell and her mental breakdown as she comes to consciousness following the bludgeoning death of her neighbor, a friend, or so she believes. Her long-time husband may have a role in the shocking murder, and then, there’s Jack Moss, the detective trying to piece together this suburban nightmare and his own personal discord.

Cantrell is a housewife with secrets of her own. Like anyone at her stage in life – her son is headed off to college – she’s doing some reflection, and questioning her choices. Perhaps a midlife crisis was on the horizon, anyway, and her neighbor’s death is now the catalyst.

But before she can tackle life, she is slipping out of reality, and succumbing to a badly timed resurfacing of her bipolar disorder. Holding on with all she’s got, she’ll do whatever she can to get to the truth, even if it means facing her own demons, and thinking she can fly.

Crawford’s exceptional attention to detail will make you feel every rain drop, hear every high-heel click on the linoleum, and in the end, question your own sanity. The pace is quick and with well-placed humor, the story has an authentic quality about internal confliction.

The novel also seems to serve as a backdrop for modern day roles of men and women from those in power to those who serve, and to those who are indelibly wounded.

All this and more, are unraveling in a neighborhood near you.

Maria Giordano is a kick-ass superhero, reading books along the way. She has a hidden love for animals, and enjoys a good party.

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