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“The Missing One” by Lucy Atkins / Reviewed by Kate Proffitt

The Missing One, Lucy Atkins

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Lucy Atkins, photographed by Charlie Hopkinson © 2013.
Lucy Atkins
Photo by Charlie Hopkinson


Set amidst the majestic backdrop of Canadian cliffs, Lucy Atkins’ “The Missing One” is an unpredictable thriller from the start.  Kali is a young mother struggling to accept her estranged mother’s death and when she begins to doubt the sincerity of her marriage, she is desperate for an escape.

Discovering a note from her mother’s past gives Kali the perfect distraction and she decides once and for all to answer the questions her mother never would. Kali and her young son, Finn, embark on an enthralling journey from the bustling city of London to the isolated beauty of Spring Tide Island.

As Kali uncovers the secrets of her mother’s past, she recognizes that she was far from the timid, reserved mother Kali struggled to connect with.  Kali has always been determined to be the loving mother to Finn that her mother neglected to be – but the longer she searches, the more she realizes she didn’t know her mother at all.  Kali knew Elena had a short career as a marine biologist, but she soon discovers that her mother had a fascination with orca whales.  Kali discovers that her mother devoted her early life to researching and protecting killer whales, and her work has impacted these animals in extraordinary ways.

Elena plays her own part in the story through revealing flashbacks of her early life. Atkins expounds on the connection between humans and animals through Elena’s experiences and the companionship she had with the black-and-white friends she cherished. Atkins spins a mesmerizing plot of family ties, betrayal, heartache, and the power of a mother’s love.

This book portrays the messy, chaotic, flawed process of Kali’s grief for something lost that she has only just found. Tracking down her mother’s past proves to be more dangerous than Kali ever could have imagined, and discovering the truth seems to be as slippery as the Orca fins shimmering beneath the surface.

As Kali uncovers the truth of her mother’s past, will she be able to save Finn and keep herself safe?  Or will history repeat itself as they follow the journey Elena took many years before?

Overflowing with breathtaking imagery and heartbreaking relationships, this book portrays that in the midst of every situation, experiencing the power of a mother’s love for her child is as priceless and incredible as the black-and-white weaving beneath the blurry blue, their familial instincts as sure and steady as the waves in which they live.

Kate Proffitt is a creative writing major, who loves to read and write! Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors is her favorite band, Christina Rossetti is her favorite poet, and she drinks a lot more Diet Coke than she should. She also enjoys travelling and has spent some time in Europe!  Kate is currently working on her first unpublished novel!

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