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The Long High Noon by Loren D. Estleman / Reviewed by Briana Goodchild

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Loren D. Estleman  Credit: Deborah Morgan
Loren D. Estleman
Credit: Deborah Morgan

In Loren D. Estleman’s latest novel, The Long High Noon, Randy Locke and Frank Farmer are dead set on killing one another. Since their early twenties, they have been locked in a notorious, yet entertaining duel throughout the untamed West. Whenever one of them comes into shooting range of the other, one can expect gunfire within seconds.

Besides their wounded egos, Randy has a permanent limp from a horse riding accident and Frank has constant pain in his chest as well as a prosthetic ear. Both gifts bestowed onto one another via bullets after their first encounter in BlueBottle Saloon in El Paso.

Perhaps the duel started over the affections of a mystery woman, or related to finances, or a claim to a desirable piece of land? Whatever the reason, Abraham Cripplehorn (a.k.a. Jack Dodger) wants in on the action. An entrepreneur and professional liar with a handcrafted ivory eye, Cripplehorn is set on making a fortune from Locke and Farmer’s feud after reading about them in the Chicago Tribune.

After yet another duel in the woods outside of Oakland, California, Cripplehorn convinces the men to finish the fight in San Francisco, where he promises glory and fame to the winner.

However, the men are met with a new law posted by the Governor of California, who promises execution to anyone who participates in contests that could result in human death. So, the men go farther south to perform in an “Exhibition of the Century” for the ultimate duel to the death.

Who will be the last man standing?

Briana Goodchild is on the verge of becoming a bibliophile and is currently a student of English Literature and Drama. Like any book reader she enjoys a strong cup of tea and an enticing story to match. Occasionally, when diving into the Mystery Genre, caffeine is required. 

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