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“The Kennedy Connection” by R.G. Belsky / Reviewed by Briana Goodchild

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R.G. Belsky,
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A run-down, demoted journalist by the name of Gil Malloy meets New York literary agent, Nikki Reynolds, his former agent, at a restaurant on Park Avenue South. Ms. Reynolds offers a proposal to Gil to write a book about the untold story of the Kennedy assassination based on a manuscript offered up by a surprising source. Who is this mystery author? None other than the illegitimate son of Lee Harvey Oswald, the very same Mr. Oswald who was accused of shooting President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

Accused yes, but was he truly guilty of the crime? Lee Harvey Oswald, Jr. is convinced there is evidence that would prove otherwise. Evidence of which he intends to publish in his ambiguous, yet to be decided story called “The Kennedy Connection”. What Malloy does not realize, while eating his overpriced burger in Manhattan, is that he will discover a connection between the jaded author and a mysterious New York serial killer, leaving behind Kennedy half-dollars at the murder scenes.

As the story begins to spiral into a monstrous hurricane of conspiracy, lies, and bodies, the reader begins to breathe and think like Malloy. We become the journalist’s shadow, following him through all the twists and turns of the corporate New York City news world. There’s no way to predict the end that challenges the integrity and sanity of our flawed protagonist.

This is where author Belsky’s expertise is recognized and his wit and journalism experience radiate from each page. With what appears to be the first in a series of mystery novels, “The Kennedy Connection” begs to be finished from the first page to the last. Be prepared to stay at home all day with this book in hand!

Briana Goodchild is on the verge of becoming a bibliophile. Like any book reader, she enjoys a strong cup of tea and an enticing story to match. Occasionally, when diving into the Mystery Genre, caffeine is required: some stories are just too good to be interrupted by sleep.

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