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Lisa Black by Susan M. Klingbeil

Lisa Black

That Darkness by Lisa Black
Reviewed by Shelley Haley

As humans, we long for justice to be served. We pull for the underdog to triumph over the schoolyard bully, and for the shy wallflower to become prom queen. Alas, more often than not in our personal realms, justice is rarely served—but when it is, it is glorious.

In Lisa Black’s that darkness (Kensington), the time has come for justice. When a frail young girl is found dead in a cemetery, seasoned Cleveland police detective Jack Renner has finally had enough. Sadly, not one person has even bothered to report her missing. Hot on the trail of this Jane Doe’s killer, he discovers a sealed, windowless apartment full of teenage girls in dismal circumstances and imminent danger.

Renner is closer to the truth than anyone realizes, forging new insight into evil and the motivation behind it… a bit reminiscent of Robin Hood robbing the rich and giving to the poor; except this time, it means killing the bad guy and keeping the city safe.

Meanwhile, Cleveland’s entire investigative team works around the clock, piecing together clues that may shed light on the enigmatic cemetery murder. Forensic investigator Maggie Gardiner frantically hypothesizes scenarios in hopes of leading to an arrest. Time is short and the work is tedious; unfortunately, the gurneys keep rolling into the autopsy room. Maggie continues to collect fibers, hair, and fingerprints, all the while praying for a lead in the increasingly bizarre case.

Eventually, she makes a startling discovery as the fragmented pieces begin to fall into place, leading her headfirst into unimaginable danger. Maggie has no choice but to fight for her life in the company of not one, but two villains, each with an opposite motivation. The stakes are high in a breathless finale in which she is plunged yet again into the depths of horror, struggling against an evil that holds many lives in the balance

From the depths of a forensics lab to the daily hustle-and-bustle of the street, Lisa Black takes the reader on a field trip of Cleveland’s law enforcement and forensics team, culminating in absolute terror with a completely unexpected and intriguing outcome! If nothing else, this page-turner will ensure that you remain vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times… a C.S.I. thriller for certain!

Shelley Haley is an eccentric artist, reader of novels, and writer of chronicles fueled by an insatiable fascination with history and the lessons that lie therein; prone to wanderlust and born under the sign of Aquarius.

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