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2022 Killer Nashville Sponsors

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As the premier forum for all things mystery, thriller, and suspense, Killer Nashville has the platform to help you reach your perfect audience. Publishers Weekly noted that Killer Nashville plays “an essential role in defining which books become bestsellers [throughout] the nation’s book culture.” And, with 20,000+ visits each month the Killer Nashville website, and over 6,000 opt-in newsletter subscribers, it’s easy to see why. Killer Nashville is a volunteer-run organization with a bare-bones office staff. Killer Nashville sponsors allow us to make our annual conference a reality and to help writers along the path to success. Become a Killer Nashville Sponsor today!

About Killer Nashville

The Killer Nashville International Writers’ Conference was created in 2006 by author/ filmmaker Clay Stafford in an effort to bring together forensic experts, writers, and fans of crime and thriller literature. Since its inception, the Killer Nashville brand has expanded to include much more than the annual writers’ conference and has become the premier forum for all genres incorporating mystery, thriller, and suspense (and we believe all good stories contain those elements, to varying degrees).

Our objective is simple: to educate and empower aspiring and established writers and connect them with other industry professionals. We achieve this vision by providing valuable educational content via our Killer Nashville Book of the Day Reviews, our Killer Nashville Silver Falchion and Claymore Award competitions, our weekly blog posts by guest authors and industry professionals, and our educational publication, Killer Nashville Magazine.