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Ruthless by John Rector / Reviewed by Kyla Marlin

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John Rector’s Ruthless is a classic example of a man being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Enter Nick White, a shell of a man who is heartbroken over his failed marriage brought on by his own weaknesses, including an addiction to gambling. While drinking away his sorrows, Nick finds himself mistaken for a hit man by a blonde woman at a local bar.

Nick, seeing a conquest, plays along, but soon finds himself with a whole lot of cash, a password protected USB drive, and instructions to murder a young woman named Abigail Pierce. By the time Nick realizes what’s happening, the woman is gone, and the real hit man shows up.

Worried for a woman he has never met, Nick attempts to warn Abigail Pierce, but instead leads the hit man right to her, including putting himself in the path of the real hit man and his team, their demand for answers, and worse… his cooperation in their scheme!

Full of secrets, plot twists, survival, and money, “Ruthless”, is amazing from start to finish. Nick is an average man just trying to do the right thing and not drown in the process. Thrown around between the strong female characters in this story, Nick tries to uncover the truth, but will he discover it in time to save Abigail and himself?

John Rector’s writing is captivating and intense. I truly enjoyed being caught up into the whirlwind of danger and quick-wittedness of Nick’s character and the predicament he has found himself in. A solid 4 out of 5 stars!

Kyla Marlin, 23, is a quirky and awkward post-grad of ETSU who writes obituaries for the Johnson City Press by day and poetry for her blog by night. She is just an average post-grad trying to navigate the confusing path of adulthood whilst becoming an expert in the art of chips/salsa paired with wine.

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