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Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant / Reviewed by Meaghan Hill

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How well do you know your significant other? After reading “Remember Me This Way”, Sabine Durrant will have readers second-guessing those with whom they share their lives.

“Remember Me This Way” is the story of Zach and Lizzie Carter and their tumultuous relationship as told through the couple’s alternating points of view. But Zach’s mental illness and controlling ways leads Lizzie to leave Zach and their life together. For fear of telling him in person, Lizzie writes Zach a good-bye letter; the next day Zach is found dead.

Dealing with the grief and guilt from her husband’s death, Lizzie returns to the place of Zach’s accident one year later. Expecting to close this chapter of her life, Lizzie is surprised to see a bouquet of flowers and a note addressed to her late husband from a mysterious woman, Xenia. Who is this woman and how does she know Lizzie’s husband?

More questions surface when even stranger events unfold. She finds a pair of Zach’s boots. An art studio is destroyed, a mysterious MacBook Air is left behind, and several household items are missing. Lizzie becomes convinced that Zach is still alive and has come back into her life to stalk her. And, with two of Zach’s past lovers dead, could Lizzie become Zach’s next victim?

Lizzie sets out to find out Zach’s secrets by reading his diary, and what she finds will leave her and readers in a heart-pounding suspense. Will she find Zach before he finds her?

A thrilling cat and mouse game, “Remember Me This Way” will leave readers looking over their shoulders.

Meaghan Hill is a Tennessee native navigating post-college life. She is a writer, traveler, coffee addict, and adventurer. When she is not busy pursuing her graduate degree at MTSU, she can be found searching for and renovating antiques.

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