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“The Lewis Man” by Peter May / Reviewed by Meaghan Hill

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Peter May
Peter May



Mummies. Mystery. Murder.

Peter May’s “The Lewis Man” has it all.

Right from the start, readers will not be able to put down “The Lewis Man”, the second in May’s Lewis trilogy. Look for the third book in the trilogy, “The Chessmen”, which publishes February 3rd.

Set in Scotland, “The Lewis Man” follows the murder investigation of an unidentified body found in the bogs on the Isle of Lewis conducted reluctantly by Fin Macleod, a former detective inspector returning to the island to repair his parent’s derelict home and himself.

Like the intricate blanket the body is found in, the novel weaves the different perspectives of the investigation, including that of Macleod and Tormod Macdonald, an elderly man with dementia who shares DNA with the unidentified body, but swears he has no remaining relatives on the island.

Through his relatable characters, May takes his audience on the emotionally thrilling ups and downs of these two men. Both Fin and Tormod would do anything for the ones they love, but are their loved ones really who they say they are? The answer is astonishing!

Deceit, betrayal, revenge, and even an old romance emerge to reveal a surprising past for all of those involved. Readers will feel as if they are solving the murder alongside the detectives all the way until the action packed and shocking ending.

Readers will also discover a new favorite in Peter May. From the use of Gaelic to the beautifully described scenery, readers will experience the islands of Scotland for themselves. May crafts a thrilling mystery, transporting readers to his settings with descriptive imagery.

Meaghan Hill is a Tennessee native navigating post-college life. She is a writer, traveler, coffee addict, and adventurer. When not working in the Killer Nashville office, she can be found searching for and renovating antiques.

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