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This month’s exclusive Killer Nashville Killer Cocktail: The Last Ticket

This month’s exclusive Killer Nashville Killer Cocktail: “The Last Ticket”

Mark “Spaz” Morris takes us to 1941 and the upscale Casablanca nightclub of Rick’s Café’ Américain for this month’s concoction.

Spaz loves the idea that everyone is hiding in plain sight. Everyone knows who is involved, but like a game of chess, players must determine whom they can trust. There are two tickets to freedom, and we know who’s going to get them.

The key here is subtlety just like Killer Nashville’s pear-infused gin martini. As you sip, in the distance you will hear “As Time Goes By”.

The Last Ticket

CocktailLastTicketIngredientsA Killer Nashville Signature Martini



2-ounces Hanna Gin

½-ounce St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur

Lemon twist




Pour liquor into martini glass and swirl it around to coat the glass. Pour the rest of the liqueur into a shaker tin with ice.

Add gin to the shaker, and shake.

Strain into the coated martini glass.

Rim the glass with the lemon twist and drop in the glass.


Send us pictures and comments of you and Killer Nashville’s “The Last Ticket”. We’ll share them here along with a link back to you.

About Spaz:

Spaz started in the restaurant/bar business back in 1984 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he was a student at Louisiana State University. Instead of becoming a chemical engineer, he became a social legend instead, he says jokingly. He later transferred to Knoxville, Tennessee, and received a Bachelor’s in marketing from the University of Tennessee in 1989. He has worked in biker bars to 4-fork-setting restaurants. An avid traveler, he has lived in 13 states and visited 40, so far. He enjoys reading sci-fi and sci-fantasy books. He currently holds court at Red Dog Wine and Spirits in Franklin, Tennessee. Check out the store:

Killer Cocktails: The Last Ticket

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