“Hunting Daylight” by Piper Maitland / Thursday, March 21, 2013 / Reviewed by Clay Stafford

Today’s featured book is Hunting Daylight by Piper Maitland

I’ve discovered a new series!  Today’s Book of the Day is two-for-one.  Fellow Tennessee writer Michael Lee West has duplicated herself into writing alter ego Piper Maitland.  Berkley sent “Hunting Daylight” by Piper Maitland for review.  Along with it, they sent the first book in the series, “Acquainted with the Night.”  I started reading the series and fell in love with both of them.  If you read the cover of “Hunting Daylight,” the books come across as a paranormal romance.  That shortchanges both and is far from truth.  These are books about vampires for smart readers.  Romance is the least of it.  There’s action, strong characters, fast, easy writing, science, humor, suspense, murder, thrills, romance, smart concept, delightful plotting, and even the author commitment to not always write outcomes in the way that readers might want.  It’s a ballsy ride.  In a literary genre full of vampires jumping page-to-page confusing action with plot, this is a novel for the thinking reader.  To enjoy the story to the fullest, start with the first one and read forward.  I started with the second, stopped, went to the first, and was glad I did.  Both books are over 500 pages and you’ll read them with the ease of 200.
– Clay Stafford, author and founder of Killer Nashville

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