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Killer Nashville is a volunteer-run organization with a bare-bones office staff. Every year, between forty to sixty volunteers provide the manpower and the backbone of the Killer Nashville family. So where does your registration money or volunteer efforts go?

  • Making book donations to needy school libraries, community libraries, and the armed forces.
  • Supporting community literacy groups who teach adult learners to read.
  • Supporting academic institutions that are growing the writers of tomorrow.
  • Contributing to the building of libraries both locally and internationally, the latest in Malawi, Africa.
  • Providing a connection between authors in search of representation and agents, editors, and publishers.
  • Implementing award programs to discover new authors and support established authors.
  • Connecting writers year-round with new readers, other writers, industry professionals, and forensic experts.
  • Covering expenses for procuring book reviews for authors’ books, both traditional and self-published.
  • Helping authors find publication by offering agents’ and editors’ critiques of authors’ works-in-progress.
  • Helping authors expand their reach by reviewing marketing plans.
  • Coordinating authors in schools programs.
  • Producing the Killer Nashville conference, Killer Nashville Magazine, the Killer Nashville Book Con, and other activities to educate and connect the writers of today and tomorrow.
  • Donating writing supplies and equipment to needy schools.
  • Offering free agent and editor pitches to authors seeking publication.
  • Connecting authors with forensic specialists to encourage accurate portrayal of law enforcement in literature and to assist writers in creating authentic works.
  • Providing year-round mentoring, information assistance, and author publicity support.
  • Providing writing scholarships for needy high school students and adults.
  • Assisting in disaster and victims’ relief.

In the past year, Killer Nashville will have directly collected more than 2,500 books for needy organizations at a retail value of over $55,000, not including the priceless hours donated by our volunteers.

If you would like to contribute directly to one of Killer Nashville’s chosen charities either with a donation or volunteer services, contact us with your interest and we will connect you!

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