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Hollow Man by Mark Pryor / Reviewed by Cole Meador

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 Credit Alia Michelle
Mark Pryor
Credit: Alia Michelle

Mark Pryor’s Hollow Man is not a novel for the faint of heart or the cozy readers out there. It is a dangerous, profane, and riveting story that rips along at breakneck speeds.

Set in Austin, Texas, Hollow Man follows Dominic, an English lawyer with a mysterious past and a deep desire to play music. Through glimpses into his mind, the reader finds that all is not well with Dominic. He is a psychopath who is trying to keep his world in check.

A suave and sharp prosecutor, Dominic makes harsh, yet glaringly true, comments about society as things take a turn for the worse when he is demoted, and his carefully constructed world begins to unravel. Despite Dominic’s creepy perspective on life and his schemes to land quick cash, this story’s rollercoaster ride of events will have readers both rooting for and against him. When faced with capital murder, Dominic must make one of the most important choices of his life: will he protect others, or will he protect himself?

This charming, but disturbing book kept me up for quite a few nights, hastily turning the pages to find out what would happen next. Mark Pryor does an excellent job fleshing out his characters, providing each with believable dialogue and interesting personalities.

This book is one of my favorites this year, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good crime fiction novel with a splash of romance and murder. Suffice it to say, I will be reading anything else that Mark Pryor puts out.

Cole Meador is a full-time student pursuing a B.A. in Creative Writing. When he isn’t writing poems or short stories, he spends his time frequenting Nashville coffee shops, planning his next road trip, and attending any and all concerts he can. Cole aspires to work in the music industry, while continuing to pursue his passionate love for the written word.

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