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K. A. Tucker

He Will Be My Ruin by K. A. Tucker 
Reviewed by Shelley Haley

Imagine the extraordinary, profound sadness you would feel if the one person in the world that you loved and trusted with all of your secrets, hopes, and dreams ended her life in suicide. The case is closed, and you find yourself sitting in her lower east side apartment, nestled among the remnants of her cherished life with a million unanswered questions.

What would you do? Well, you would do what every tried and true, pinky-swear best friend would do. You would incessantly search for answers like a madwoman—despite all obstacles and abrupt dismissals—because every solitary fiber of your being tells you that this is wrong, seriously wrong. In K.A. Tucker’s He Will Be My Ruin (Atria Books), Maggie Sparkes hunts for the truth behind her friend Celine Gonzalez’s apparent suicide; not only for her own closure, but also for Celine’s dying mother, Rosa.

Celine Gonzalez was a smart, beautiful, and ambitious young woman with a zest for life far too great to take her own. She had fought long and hard to make it this far. With an opportunity to study at the Hollingsworth Institute of Art, she was on a direct path to successfully realizing her dream to become a respected antiques appraiser. For Maggie, it just doesn’t add up. The question remains: Why?

During the dreaded task of sorting through Celine’s eclectic collection of garage sale treasures and thrift shop finds, Maggie finds a disturbing note and a shocking photograph. Her subsequent discovery of a multitude of diaries chronicling an unknown, unexpected side of Celine perplexes Maggie further, and fuels her appetite for the truth.

In this sea of confusion, Maggie finds solace in Grady—the scruffy, yet adorable, building super—as she struggles to piece together the clues in this evolving mystery. Maggie’s delightfully inquisitive new neighbor Ruby provides insight and shortbread cookies to sweeten the investigative process. A process that, in due time, places Maggie in the immediate line of danger…

Captivating from beginning to end
, He Will Be My Ruin is a non-stop tour of New York City, as two young friends—one dead and one desperately searching—take you from the inner sanctum of a secret garden rooftop to Manhattan’s high-end world of movers and shakers. This novel will leave you breathless—I read it in a day, and it was certainly worth the ride!

Shelley Haley is an eccentric artist, reader of novels, and writer of chronicles fueled by an insatiable fascination with history and the lessons that lie therein; prone to wanderlust and born under the sign of Aquarius.

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