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Go Down Hard by Craig Faustus Buck / Reviewed by Maria Giordano

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Craig Faustus Buck
Craig Faustus Buck

What happens when your rock ’n’ roll crush is shot dead and the case is never solved?

If you’re Nob Brown, a down and out ex-cop, ex-reporter, looking to get his ex-wife off his back, you try to solve the 20-year-old case in time to write an exposé for whatever magazine will pay top dollar.

But Nob, an endearing mess of a guy, who appears to be still trying to figure out his own life, does what other investigators can’t, uncovering an ugliness so deep that when the truth is discovered, Los Angeles will never be the same. All will, as the title of the book suggests, Go Down Hard.

Of course, Nob—I would love to know the origin of this antihero’s unusual name—has help from some main ladies in his life: his yoga-twisting assistant, and his on-again-off-again lover, who happens to be a sexy and skilled detective in the Los Angeles Police Department.

Author Craig Faustus Buck’s debut novel takes readers on a roller-coaster ride of murder, betrayal, incest, and abandonment. It is steeped in the seedier side of L.A. life, both repulsive and endearing.

Buck’s writing style draws from his years as a journalist, delivering a fast-paced story with some kinky, adult-only overtones, seemingly ripped from the tabloids. But don’t be scared. It’s a tight story line that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Maria Giordano is an over-caffeinated lover of books that she can hold in her hand. Her two daughters keep her sane, and she makes her home in Nashville.

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