“Days of Wine and Roquefort” by Avery Aames / Reviewed by Clay Stafford

Days of Wine and Roquefort by Avery Aames

Murder, like Roquefort, stinks.  I love it.  Moving westwardly, we go to the fictional town of Providence, Ohio for the Agatha Award-winning Cheese Shop Mysteries.  In this series, you have people who eat cheese and drink wine.  For a guy (me) who thinks wine is for drinking, not sniffing, and can’t taste the difference between a $6 bottle and a $600 dollar bottle, this series is a trip with characters I can definitely be amused by.  In this third installment, a guest arrives at the house of cheeky cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessette and then drops dead.  Written by multi-faceted author Daryl Wood Gerber under the pseudonym of Avery Aames, the delightful plotting of this series and the equally gratifying town of Providence, make this an incredibly fun series to read.  We all have such relatives.

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Clay Stafford

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