“Beewitched” by Hannah Reed / Reviewed by Clay Stafford

Beewitched by Hannah Reed

Dead witches in a corn maze.  What could be finer?  Written by author Deb Baker under her “Hannah Reed” moniker, this is Book 5 in a series about a quaint town and a beekeeping business set in Moraine, Wisconsin. In this installment, a self-proclaimed witch moves into town followed by a whole coven in which one witch ends up dead in a cornfield.  I rarely find my name in books so when I find a series where the main character’s womanizing ex-husband’s name is Clay, it always jolts me to attention and makes me want to follow to find where he pops back up again.  (I’m nothing like him.  Seriously.)  Beewitched is a cozy delight. I love the town of Moraine (probably named after Kettle Moraine).  I love the small town feel and the Wisconsin references.

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Clay Stafford

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