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2021 Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalists


Choosing Guilt by Frances Aylor

Rise of the Water Margin by Christopher Bates

Crooked by Mary Bush

Spooked by Dara Carr

NISEI Rookie by Ray Collins

Blackwood by Claire Dowley

Murdered and Missing by Ardis Eckel

Androcide in Paradise by J. Reid Graham

Corniced to Death by Margaret S. Hamilton

Curse of Darkness by Nicholas Knight

Stolen Diary by Kathryn Lane

Cornerstone by Grace Lawler

Dying to Live Here by Shelley Marsh

The Forget-Me-Knot by Richard McGonegal

A Bad Week in Wampo by Patricia Stoltey

Zebra by Jill Wallace

Infinity is Not Forever by Michael Wheeler

Unraveling by Judy White

Mr. Perfect? by Kelly Woll