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2020 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalists

2020 Killer Nashville
Silver Falchion Award Finalists

Connie Berry
A Dream of Death

Carl & Jane Bock
The White Heron

Iris Chacon
The Mammoth Murders

Richard Conrath
Blood Moon Rising

John DeDakis

Jeanine Englert
Lovely Digits

Henry Hack
The Marsh Mallows

Karen McCarthy
Murder at the Candlelight Vigil

Jane Suen
Murder Creek

June Trop
The Deadliest Thief

Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson
Red Specter

Simeon Courtie
All Hollow

Shirley B. Garrett
Deadly Obsession

James R. Hannibal
The Gryphon Heist

Sue Hinkin
Low Country Blood

Thomas Kelso
Hyperion’s Fracture

Leslie McCauley

Caroline Mitchell
The Secret Child

Dana Perry
The Silent Victim

Dana J. Summers
Downhill Fast

Kathryn J. Bain
Fade to the Edge

R.G. Belsky
Below the Fold

K.P. Gresham
Murder on the Third Try

Bradley Harper
Queen’s Gambit

J.E. Irvin
The Strange Disappearance of Rose Stone

Kathryn Lane
Revenge in Barcelona

Dianne McCartney
The Daughter of Death

Kelly Oliver
VIPER, A Jessica James Mystery

Dana J. Summers
Downhill Fast

Claudia Turner
The Scions of Atlantis

Action or Adventure
Paul A. Barra
Westfarrow Island

Toni Bird Jones
The Measure of Ella

Jenna Kernan
Dangerous Conditions

Jim Nesbitt
The Best Lousy Choice

Tj Turner
Angel in the Fog

Debra H. Goldstein
Two Bites Too Many

Gemma Halliday
A Sip Before Dying

Linda Lovely
Bad Pick

Susan McCormick
The Fog Ladies

Bonita McCoy
Twisted Plots

Procedural or P.I.
Carmen Amato
Russian Mojito

Mark Bergin

Peter W.J. Hayes
The Things That Are Different

Richard Helms
Paid in Spades

Jean Rabe
The Dead of Summer

Juvenile or Y.A.
Susan K. Flach
Daughter Undisclosed

Liana Gardner
Speak No Evil

James R. Hannibal
The Clockwork Dragon

Kelly Oliver
Kassy O’Roarke, Cub Reporter

Lori Roberts
This Dark and Bloody Ground

Short Story Anthology or Collection
James Glass
Couch Detective

Harpeth River Writers
Words on Water

Lindy Ryan
A Midnight Clear

Manning Wolfe & Laura Oles
Last Call

Bill Woods
The Muse of Wallace Rose

Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror
Tosca Lee
The Line Between

Tosca Lee
A Single Light

Valerie Nieman
To the Bones

Palmer Pickering
Moon Deeds

Maggie Toussaint
Dreamed It