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2020 Killer Nashville
Claymore Award Finalists

2020 Killer Nashville Claymore Award Finalists


Nicholas Holloway
Three Houses on a Hill


C.C. Anderson
Sunday Split


R.G. Belsky
The Baghdad Conspiracy


Alexander Bruce
Of Empires and Eternities


Mary Bush


Kathy Cuddihy
Safe Harbours


Geoffrey Hyatt
A Coffin for Mr. Blackpoole


Michael Jordan
A Desperate Race


William Kaufmann
Killing Bodhi


Edson Knapp
Ghosts of Kilimanjaro


Grace Lawler
Astral Exile


Michael Byers Lewis
The Pilate Scroll


Lisa Malice
Dead Ringer


Kevin Maris
Forged in Lightning


William Burton McCormick


Mark Renshaw


Steven Sanders
War Wolves


Sheila Sobel
Time Flies


J.B. Stevens
The Red Exit


Victory Witherkeigh
The Girl