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Panel Preference Signup

If you have registered for the 2017 Killer Nashville conference and indicated interest in contributing to a session, you have been assigned to at least one panel aligning with the topics you have shown expertise in.

You can view panels and panelists on the Killer Nashville 2017 Schedule. The form below will be used to further ensure that our scheduling committee has placed panelists in sessions that excite them and for which they are particularly suited.

Please indicate your top 5 preferred panel topics in the form below. 

If you receive an email from us asking if you would agree to be on a given panel, please be sure to answer it. We will only list panelists who confirm. If you do not confirm, your spot will be given to someone else. 
We will be sending emails to potential panelists through Wednesday, August 2 and the final, locked schedule including panelists will be online by the end of the day Friday, August 4. That will give everyone an ample 3 weeks to prepare. All panelists will be connected with either the moderator or the lead panelist in advance.
Note: you must be a registered attendee to participate in panel sessions.