2013 Silver Falchion Award Nominees

Silver Falchion Award Finalists

(In alphabetical order by author)

[col grid=”3-1″]Author’s Name[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Title[/col]

[col grid=”3-1″]Annamaria Alfieri[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Blood Tango[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Gretchen Archer[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Double Whammy[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Chuck Barrett[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Breach of Power[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Baron R. Birtcher[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Rain Dogs[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Hilary Davidson[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Evil in All Its Disguises[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Connie Dial[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Dead Wrong[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]David Freed[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Fangs Out[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Kaye George[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Eline Kleine Murder[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Tina D.C. Hayes[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Poison, Perennials, and Poltergeists[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Richard Helms[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]The Mojito Coast[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Sara J. Henry[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]A Cold and Lonely Place[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Chris F. Holm[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]The Wrong Goodbye[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Alex Hughes[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Clean[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Chris Knopf [/col][col grid=”3-2″]Dead Anyway[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Molly MacRae[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Last Wool and Testament[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Leo J. Maloney[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Termination Orders[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Jamie Mason[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Three Graves Full[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Mike Tabor[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Walk of Death[/col]
[col grid=”3-1″]Alana White[/col] [col grid=”3-2″]Sign of the Weeping Virgin[/col]